> 3 is an experimental art and design initiative, which I cofounded with Mabel Frautschi and Fiona Jeanne Grisard in 2015.   This initiative is focused on generating dialogue and bringing together practitioners from different fields to explore how trans-disciplinary creative strategies can be used to address wide-ranging issues related to complex, disruptive events through projects, exhibitions, discussions, workshops and participatory artworks. 

Selected projects

Foresight Installation, Bari Festival

Foresight is a process of establishing well-informed and future-oriented perspectives that help fuel, guide, and inspire innovation, strategic planning, and critical decision-making. The installation ‘Forecasting’ took place as part of the BARI (Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives) festival, to consider themes around disruption and water. The work was informed by rich conversations around disruption and water, in particular water scarcity and abundance and alternative futures to water usage.  It posed open questions around the profoundly blurred distinctions and occurrence of disruption.

Installed in the heritage listed Spring Hill Baths, built in 1886, the installation aimed to open up a discussion about what our world could feel like, and inspire people to help shape it for the better in a playful and future thinking way when thinking about water. It asked how urban and rural communities could evolve with their fragile environments, and with ongoing water shortages or increases in water that disruption brings. It sought to counter an emerging perspective where the future is no longer something we shape through positive insights or choices, but rather something confined to narrow perspectives or threats. 

Anywhere Festival

As part of the Anywhere Festival, >3 collaborated with Argentinian Astrologer Corina Mascotti in an installation and workshops, examining the impact and significance of disruptive events in an interconnected world. 

Using the practice of astrology to imagine an alternative futures to address problems and inspire new ideas, >3 invited participants to pause and consider their position in an interconnected world: to consider new constellations and what role they play in addressing the collective disruptive problems we face today.  More details can be found here.

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