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My practice raises questions concerning mobilities and larger systems of power.  I use futures and design research and tools to analyse systems and creative methods to interfere with them. I often work directly with communities to construct situations, objects and performances which invite the audience to participate, working with a variety of media, including installation, photography, sculpture and sound.  

Alongside my own artistic practice, I am also involved in the organisation of various artistic and curatorial platforms, through my roles as co-director of the Global Resilience Collaborative, Woolstores Project and >3 (greaterthan3).  These initiatives focus on cross disciplinary collaboration, dialogue and projects between resilience specialists, designers, social scientists, scientists, engineers, artists and industry.

I have studied business, international humanitarian law, design and art at Melbourne University and the Queensland University of Technology and is a Global Ambassador for Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.  In 2016, I graduated from QUT with a Master of Fine Arts practice based research candidature in Visual Art and was awarded the Young Outstanding Alumni- Queensland University of Technology for outstanding contribution to society.  I continue to work within the Creative Industries Faculty  at Queensland University of Technology as a researcher and lecturer.  I conduct lectures and studio workshops to expose participants to a variety of creative and design considerations.  

Recent publications include:

Rees, J. 2016. Contemporary Art Awards: Finalist Exhibition 2015. 23 January-23 June 2016, Contemporary Art Awards, Brisbane, Queensland.

Art Almanac, Contemporary Art Awards 2015, February 2016, pg 127

Deans Book, 2016, Outstanding Projects, Creative Industries.

Track and Trace, Ansonia Woolstore Exhibition, 2017

Further examples of my work can be found here.  Say hi below.

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