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I am a visual artist, future thinker and community engagement specialist.   I have over ten years of experience in community engagement and participatory programmes with communities. I work across a variety of media, including installation, photography, sculpture and sound. My work aims to develop experimental approaches to imagine new ideas, working directly with communities to create public interactions, with the aim of addressing the challenges posed by complex, disruptive events.  Selected examples of these participatory practice can be viewed here.

I am also the Director of the Global Resilience Collaborative and a researcher, lecturer at Queensland University of Technology. I frequently consult and collaborate with resilience specialists, designers, social scientists, scientists, engineers, artists and industry leading dialogue on a wide range of issues. As a Director, I lead future thinking on a wide range of issues related to resilience, including the  "Re-imagining Resilience initiative that has been designed to promote the future thinking and best practice in the emerging space of resilience. 

In 2015 I co-founded >3 (@greaterthan3), an experimental art and design initiative, focused on generating dialogue and bringing together practitioners from different fields to explore how trans-disciplinary creative strategies can be used to address wide-ranging issues related to complex, disruptive events through projects, exhibitions, discussions, workshops and participatory artworks.   Selected examples of these participatory and public installations can be viewed here.

I have studied business, international humanitarian law, design and art at Melbourne University and the Queensland University of Technology and is a Global Ambassador for Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.  In 2016, I graduated from QUT with a Master of Fine Arts practice based research candidature in Visual Art and was awarded the Young Outstanding Alumni- Queensland University of Technology for outstanding contribution to society. 

Further examples of my work can be found here.  Say hi below.

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