Caroline Austin

strategies for the future

Exhibited at c3 contemporary art space in Melbourne considers how the manifestations of myths, such as astrology, and popular culture are explored in the writing of French Philosophers Roland Barthes and Michel Serres.  Originating from an astrological chart, provided by Argentinian astrologer Corina Mascotti, this projection, prints and sound works maps the location of the planets and their symbolic meanings.  This potentially reveals a future prediction which allows different elements or ideas to emerge. It provides an opportunity to consider new pathways bringing us closer together as individuals, as discussed in Serres, and invites participants to pause and reflect on the role we are playing on contributing and addressing collective problems.   

Concept, prints and sound >3 (Caroline Austin, Fiona Jeanne Grisard, Mabel Frautschi), projection; Peter Thiedeke)